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The power of Employment Branding is exponential.  It’s about more than just attracting talent – it’s about retaining top talent.  If you are following the old principle of “selling” a candidate on your culture you are considered to have failed when expectations are not met.  However, if you incorporate a “tell” strategy based on an honest assessment of who your organization is and how your culture works, you are headed for success. 

Your Employment Branding strategy should do three things:

  1. Attract those that best fit and enhance your culture
  2. Detract those that are not the best cultural fit
  3. Improve retention rate

Many firms will jump directly into the bells-and-whistles of the branding efforts by creating glamorous websites and recruitment collateral, but with little substance.  

S3 believes it is critical to spend the appropriate amount of time helping you to understand the reality of who your business is and what you have to offer.  We also segment the external marketplace to help you better understand who your candidates are, where they are, what they think about you and what they want from you as an employer of choice. 

S3 is the leader in this space and we deliver the best product and service in the market.



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